Meet Cathy - our latest team member!

We are very happy to introduce you to our latest team member, Cathy Eckerstrom. She decided to pack her bags and move to Kenya to selflessly join forces with our team there. Cathy about Africa: “I just fell in love with the continent and the people.”

"About 10 years ago, I went to Africa for the first time and I immediately fell in love with the nature, the smells and the sounds. Since then I’ve been back on vacation a number of times and I have worked in West Africa for a year, sourcing Shea-nuts. During this period, I fell even deeper in love with the continent and the people.

When I first heard about the projects of FoodVillage, it made me really happy. Helping and supporting children in their quest to become independent and self-supporting is something I totally agree with. Knowledge is so important: it’s yours and no one can take it away from you.

I am very excited to be part of the team in Kenya and I hope my experience and knowledge will be useful in the different projects."

Cathy will work with the teachers of the Githotua School on improving the project even further. She will support the team with administrative tasks and, most importantly, she will investigate existing and new opportunities for self-supportiveness of the project.

As they say in Kenya: Jambo Cathy!


Photo by Michael & Lucy Collie