Opany Junior School

After two successful projects in Tororo and Bukedea Uganda, there are plans to realize a third project in 2020 at the OPANY JUNIOR SCHOOL. This is a large school with 3 campuses, a primary school, a secondary school and an orphanage/disability school. The primary section which is near the orphanage has more than 800 children with over 35 staff. The school is located 20 km from Tororo town, in the north of Uganda.

The vision of Food Village is "you better give someone a fishing rod than the fish". Our goal in this project is to give students the tools and knowledge which they can pass on to the community where they are living. We have also based our choice on the request of the school to have such assistance to help them in further developments and their readiness to co -fund and own the project as a learning center, food source and money-making venture.

The most important elements in this project are: Setting up a garden, the provision of food, starting a lesson program that provides practical and theoretical lessons. The garden will be used for growing different types of vegetables. The vegetables will be used after the harvest for the meals of the students. In case of surpluses, they will be sold to the local population.

With this project FoodVillage gives them the tools, but the school is - in cooperation with FoodVillage - responsible for maintenance and education. This new project is based on our previous projects. We will construct a garden of 4000 m2 with cultivation beds and drip irrigation for each bed. The garden will be fenced, and we want to realize a chicken coop with all the necessary equipment for 300 chickens.

Keywords for the FoodVillage projects are: Sustainability, Self-esteem, Education, Passion and Collaboration.

We thank Simon Groot, founder of East-West Seed and World Food Prize laureate 2019, for his support for this project.