Kennismaken met John Martin Opio

Om projecten tot een succes te maken zijn betrouwbare lokale partners onmisbaar. We hebben inmiddels al een aantal keer samengewerkt met John Martin Opio, onze aannemer in Oeganda. Hij is erg betrokken bij onze projecten en wilde graag zelf vertellen waarom hij FoodVillage zo'n wam hart toedraagt.

"Around July 2017, I came face to face with Mr. Ben Wissink in an interview room where he and other senior staffs of Mama Kevina School were interviewing contractors who were to construct gravity water system and install drip irrigation systems in Mama Kevina garden. 

During  this interview we exchanged strong technical words and we almost disagreed because I could not properly understand his technical explanations with his Dutch accent and he almost got annoyed when I refused to accept his explanations in an accent I could not pick clear words from. 

Later after the interview, we had a simple one to one chat and we realized we were both very technical but being let down by language accent to understand each other. We started like each other straight away even before the results of the interview came out. Today we are very good friends. 

I later came to know that behind him was a big humanitarian organisation called FOOD VILLAGE and much later came to know about the WILDE GANZEN. 

In my experience with these 2 organizations, I came to realize that honourable people behind these organizations have very big hearts and kindness in the way they are helping poor children and people of Africa.

May the almighty God bless them abundantly as they continue to help us."