A biogas installation! It might not be the first thing you would associate with an educational market garden project, but it’s next on our wish list. It’s a logical step, too, because wherever there’s a good supply of natural plant waste, there’s a way of generating cheap energy.

Why biogas?

Biogas is a fuel made using biomass, such as dead plants. This means that biogas is a renewable fuel source, and therefore an excellent alternative to a dwindling supply of fossil fuels. This sustainable energy source is also a good alternative to more expensive forms of energy, such as electricity or charcoal, especially in developing countries. Would you like to help us fund this biogas installation? Click here to find out how!

Help us save!

We are currently saving up for a biogas installation which will turn the school’s organic waste into energy. The installation will cost about €4000, but this investment will reduce Githothua Primary School’s gas bill by more than €1000 per year.