Abigail Kyalo

Technical person

Hallo everyone, am Abigail from Masaku School for the Physically Disabled, I am a teacher and a member of the garden team here at Machakos.

I am so grateful to the people who came up with the initiative of starting the gardens in our school. Before the gardens were started we used to purchase vegetables from the market. These vegetables were very expensively and in most cases not fresh. When the idea was brought to us, I thought it was going to be very helpful to the school administration and the entire school community.

When I was requested by the head teacher to be part of the team, I felt honored doing something extra for children with special needs. At first it seemed challenging but after consulting and discussing with people with knowledge in farming, the whole thing became easy and encouraging. I get motivated every day because vegetables are protective foods and from their consumption in school. We have very healthy pupils. Those minor illnesses are history now in our school. The learners also have knowledge and skills in farming using limited space and little water and this makes me feel encouraged to do more and more.

Thanks to the sponsor and anyone else who has in one way or the other supported this wonderful project.

afbeelding van Abigail Kyalo